Audit - of statutory obligation on businesses (audit based on legal liability)

The aim of Audit is ascertaining that the annual report in the business year was prepared by the contractor according to the requirements of the Accounting Law, therefore it gives a realistic and reliable picture of the contractor’s financial and earning situation and operational results.

Audit is required for all the contractors running double-entry book-keeping, except if the previous two financial years’ average annual (converted to an annual level) Net sales did not exceed HUF 300 million and the average number of employees did not exceed 50.

Audit is a task based on trust with the basic condition having appropriate cooperation between owner and auditor.
Auditor traditionally controls management on behalf of owners, nowadays in Hungary it is more typical that owner and manager is the same person, in this case Auditor’s task is also controlling accountant’s work.

In case you need auditor’s assistance as owner due to legal obligations or without it, please contact me with confidence.

Due diligence

The aim of due diligence is having a picture of the business operation by external expert and with the help of this overall picture, helping management to find the right direction.
Due diligence can be prepared with general business purpose or directed to priority areas.  Such priority area could be taxation, controlling tax liabilities or examining accounts related to self-produced resources, also optimizing staff costs.

In case you as a manager are interested in external expert’s view on your business operation and options explored, please contact me with confidence.

Accounting advisory

Within the framework of accounting advisory I assume preparing, customizing and updating internal accounting regulations.

Except those enterprises, preparing micro-farming simplified annual report, all enterprises are required to prepare accounting policy with evaluation, stock-taking (inventory), scrapping and money management related regulations. Enterprises preparing annual report is required to prepare cost calculation regulation too.
Penalty of missing regulations could be 500.000 HUF per missing regulation, based on ART.

As a manager, financial manager in case you need support in preparing and actualizing regulations, please contact me with confidence.

Tax advisory

Nowadays tax advisory and tax optimization are two associated concepts and not by chance.
Usually those, who are intending to undertake, and beginning or conducting activities, knowing the current complicated and confused tax system’s surface, it is highly recommended to consult tax advisor about certain activity and transaction.

If all goes well, chosen accountant has the appropriate skills and knowledge in answering questions raised, however You might have any doubts, or you do not have any accountant, please contact me.